An Idea for an Experiment

In Uncategorized on 17 January 2011 by 11ysses

We all know that every year on 16 June lovers of the richest novel of all time — James Joyce’s Ulysses — celebrate this literary milestone with Bloomsday. Live readings of the work pop up here & there around the world. But what would happen if that experience was shoehorned into the fractured new media that is Twitter? No, not a keyboarding marathon to type out the huge book like some chimpanzee (140 characters at a time) in the 24-hour timespan of the novel, but a recasting, if you will, of the reading experience within the confines of a day-long string of tweets from a global army of joyce-drenched tweeps.

Can you imagine such a thing? Would it be horrific? Or would it be beatific?

I think I know how it could be done.

One Response to “An Idea for an Experiment”

  1. Methinks, fellow Joycean, that this ought to revolutionize literary appreciation and enthusiasm altogether. No other book through the ages of literature has such an intimate and impassioned cult following as Ulysses. By tweeting our Nachfuhlen with conscientious deliberation, we will effectually sustain the eminence of this colossus. How wildly exciting and innovative this is! Bravo! We must ‘unite to give praise to Ulysses!’

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