The Lovely Look of Languages

In Uncategorized on 4 June 2011 by 11ysses

One of the unexpected things I’ve enjoyed about this Ulysses Meets Twitter experiment is to see tweets about the project in many different and often attractive languages. I could not always tell what language I was seeing, but it was fun to witness the transformation of familiar words like Ulysses and Twitter into strange new (and sometimes beautiful) forms. And enlightening, too, as a reminder of how different we humans are.

We have been able to assemble an international Brave Cast for this experiment. I’m not sure whether we achieved truly global status (a tweep on each continent and all four corners of the globe). Not every member of our army of volunteer tweaders identified their nationality or home when they stepped forward, but I know we will be hearing from residents of Tajikistan, Singapore, Australia, Brazil, and a place called “Dublin” come June 16.

One Response to “The Lovely Look of Languages”

  1. Damn, I should’ve tweeted in French! Oh well.
    P.S. There’s someone from Canada too. (:

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