‘Ulysses’ Begins: Post from the Martello Tower

In Uncategorized on 18 June 2011 by 11ysses

This late Bloomsday report just in from Brave Cast member @harryfiddler: Bloomsday 2011 dawns (literally) in Dublin, courtesy of one Lachlan Montgomery, who sent this wonderful photo and report:

“Might be a bit late (I’ve been busy) but here’s a shot taken about 8.10 on top of the Martello tower.  Amazing experience to be there at that hour.  The reading just hits you and there’s sections where you know you’re looking at what Joyce was thinking.  I spent yesterday going over notes Beckett made for FW.  Hope you all had a great Bloomsday. LM.”

Thank you thank you, Lachan!

One Response to “‘Ulysses’ Begins: Post from the Martello Tower”

  1. Thanks for the picture. And an interesting perspective. You must have been standing on that first ledge/step to get that view.

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