How “Ulysses” Met Twitter 2011: Part 1

In Uncategorized on 27 August 2011 by 11ysses

Beginning with this post, we present for your re-reading pleasure a serialized version of the entire Twitter reimagining of James Joyce’s Ulysses, which was first presented to the world on 16 June 2011 — Bloomsday.

The tweets are organized into numbered sections, from start to finish of the novel. A key to the sections can be found on “The Script” page of this blog. The writers of these tweets can be found, collectively, on “The Brave Cast” page.

For your convenience and portability, we present this Twitter outflow in PDF format, suitable for printing. And, herewith, Part1.

One Response to “How “Ulysses” Met Twitter 2011: Part 1”

  1. What a unique idea…and hugely daunting undertaking! Hats off to you!! All the best and safe journeys always…Jo

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