First-Time ‘Ulysses’ Readers to #OccupyUlysses

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Earlier this week a Ulysses-watchful friend tipped me off to a growing Twitter thread having to do with something called #occupyulysses. I wondered: How can you stage a mass demonstration inside a novel? A few quick Tweets later and the mystery was at least semi-solved.

It appears that one or more followers of The Atlantic’s #1book140 book club, which selects and reads 1book over the course of a month, were miffed that their suggestion of James Joyce’s Ulysses was rebuffed. Undeterred, one (or more) of the Joyceans declared a splinter faction to attack the novel. Hence #occupyulysses or #ou140, for short. It seems that a three-month duration has been decided as the target reading time — wise given the Herculean challenge that is Ulysses.

This blog has rallied to support the nascent effort and will offer all manner of online support & encouragement. We hope all you Ulysses veterans out there will support these Ulysses virgins with comments posted here.

We hope to post weekly progress reports here (if received from the collective #Occupyulyssians). Feel free to send updates to

Onward, Brave Ulysses Readers!


One Response to “First-Time ‘Ulysses’ Readers to #OccupyUlysses”

  1. We are the 99%. We haven’t read Ulysses from cover to cover but in three months time, that will change. We will have read Ulysses from “Stately plump Buck Mulligan” to “yes I will Yes.”

    What a better place the world would be if those who had read all of Ulysses were the 99%

    Join us. #occupyulysses or #ou140

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