Bloomsday 2012: To/From Dublin with Love

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Bloomsday, 16 June 2012.  James Joyce’s Ulysses has been in print for 90 years. It is now copyright-free in Europe. What better time for a global celebration of Ulysses that uses the sprawling social multimedia universe to bring Bloomsday from Dublin to the world and from the world to Dublin? Can new media be used to dive deeper into The Heart of the Joycean Juggernaut than ever before?

Sure it can, but how? Let’s hear your ideas. Post comments here and/or @2lysses,  and let’s get this collective show on the road!


3 Responses to “Bloomsday 2012: To/From Dublin with Love”

  1. Yes, it’s universal. We are planning a Bloomsday 2012 event in Montreal as a result of a course on the book this fall. I practically quit but with support stayed on and learned to love it. Of course, much more cogitation needed to pursue the elucidation of the work!!!

  2. Let each tweader interpret their passage in their own way…it could be a traditional tweet like last year, a drawing, photo, video or poem. comes to mind…

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